Why Are We So Obsessed With Jennifer Lopez’s VMAs Performance?

It’s not our fault that everyone can’t get over their favorite artists’ performance on the MTV Video Music Awards.

It’s that yearly event that we always look forward to-MTV Video Music Awards! We get to recognized big artists performing on stage live. Performing their famous songs live and lighting up the VMAs stage is worth waiting for.

This year, everything about Jennifer Lopez’s performance is every music awards quality. We weren’t ready for it but she took our every breath away. She lit up not just Radio City Music Hall but New York City and all across the globe.

She owned the stage like a queen she is. Yes, one word-QUEEN. She was in every way-from gold body suit and the dancing. She performed a 10-minute amazing medley with hit songs incuding: “Waiting for Tonight,” “On the Floor,” “Dance Again,” “Ain’t Yo Mama,” “El Anillo,” Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, “Get Right,” “Jenny from the Block,” and “I’m Real.”

Everything about her performance was aesthetically presented–talk about those signature dance moves by our  favorite Latin pop sensation.

This is a huge performance for JLo since 2001 and she was honored to receive the biggest award of the night: The 2018 Micheal Jackson Video Vanguard Award. The queen has been waiting for years to present a stunning and epic performance. She is the first Latin artist to win the Vanguard Award. This is an exciting era for her career and I’m sure her fans are ecstatic for the next step.

During her acceptance speech, she mentioned how dreaming her dreams and watching them come true. With her heartfelt speech, she was tremendously honored and she thanked her beau, Alex Rodriguez, her family and especially her fans.

“It has been an incredible journey of dreaming my wildest dreams and then watching then come true. Music, acting, performing…This career has always been kind of an obsession for me,” she expressed in her speech.

Don’t worry, JLo we are also obsessed with you!

Let’s watch again our queen’s bombshell performance.

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