What Makes A Good Listener, Good?

Everyone wants to be heard but not all wants to listen.

Listening is an important skill especially in your field of work and relationships. We may communicate in different forms such as reading, writing, speaking and most especially listening.

Yes, we are taught by institutions on reading and writing, and even public speaking can be a taught. But how can one form of communication “listening” remains untaught?

When you are a good listener, people learn to trust you. You understand them better and learn deeper things about them. You get to see a whole new perspective of life and its issues. There’s better relationship when you are a effective listener.

Here are three important benefits of being a good listener:

1.) You learn the value of patience.

When you listen, you are required to be patient. You have to stay with the person talking because that what makes a two-way communication. You have to be an effective listener by being content to listen all throughout his/her speech rather than waiting for that chance to respond. We treat talking and listening like a race wherein you only think of what to say next.

2.) It builds trust.

Your employee, your boss or even your mom will naturally respond better if you are listening intently to their problems or concerns. It builds respect and trust as you generate desire to listen. We may have diplomatic reason to listen to your friend’s problem but sometimes you just don’t care. While your boss is explaining to you your next project, you may be lost in your own world and thinking of how stress you already are. When you are a good listener, you invite people to open up and give their ideas. When you build trust, you build bridges to lifelong partnership and even relationships.

3.) Opens a different perspective.

Great listening skills can lead you another world of ideas. Your thoughts and beliefs may not be the same with others but it greatly broadens your perspective. Of course, there are other ways to solve a problem too. Your co-workers can offer their own alternatives in solving a company problem, your mother can also have other opinion in dealing with people. It’s about being open and to different doors.

So, don’t just lend your ears but also your mind and heart.

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