WATCH: Erwan, Nico, Solenn Take on ‘Fire Noodle’ Challenge and Its Hilarious

“Fire Noodle” challenge with Erwan, Solenn and Nico

Celebrity siblings Solenn and Erwan Heussaf and Solenn’s husband Nico Bolzico has once again took the internet laughing so hard on their latest youtube video when they took the popular fire noodle challenge.

The catch: Nico hates spicy food, and he doesn’t like Korean food nor does he like noodles.

Solenn, speaking in French, even tried to conspire with her brother to double the amount of spicy seasoning on Nico’s plate. You will see the hilarious reaction of Nico on the video uploaded by Erwan. Which, as of this writing, has 264,853 views and 12,000 shares and counting.



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