Top 3 Millennial Camera

Top 3 Millennial Camera

Millennia’s nowadays love to take photos wherever we go, whenever there’s an occasion or even on plain days, and with whomever we are with to capture and remember a moment. We love taking it in a candid and aesthetic shot; others would even enhance their photos through editor apps for it to have more feels.

Taking photos today is easy and fast and even can happen in just a split of time because Millennia’s as we are, always brings our cameras with us.

Here are the top three Millennial Camera we need to know:

The DSLR Camera

For professional shots, a DSLR camera is what most Millennia’s use for its clear photos because these cameras have large sensors sizes making every photo that has been taken detailed and clear. It is also handy and can be taken anywhere. You can even just wear it around your neck.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

The Camera Phone

An alternative for a DSLR Camera is a Camera phone. It is instant and can just be taken out from your pockets or purses in less than a second. You no longer need to click the “on” button or adjust its aperture and ISOs. You can easily capture, save and even post your photos. You can also edit it right away because no millennial here who has an excellent quality camera phone that takes good photos but doesn’t have an Editing app. Right?

The Instax

The Instax is an instant film camera that was first released during 1998 by Fujifilm. Most millennia’s have come to love putting in aesthetics in their photos; and what better way to have an aesthetically printed photo than buying yourself an Instax. Right? You can put your photos in an album or you can help yourself make a photobook. You can even use it as a decoration in your room, sticking it to the walls and adding up more designs to achieve an aesthetic look for your room!

So, what are you waiting for? 1, 2, 3….. Smile!

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