Spice up your ‘Road Trip’ playlist


Summer has not yet ended!

There are still a million things to do before the season’s change, and yes you have to get up, pack your things and go on an adventure. When the sun is out, call your friends and embrace the summer experience.

Oh, don’t forget to prepare your ‘Road Trip’ playlist because what’s fun about traveling when there’s no music right? Here are five songs to add on your road trip playlist:

1.) Team-Krewella

‘Team’ is a vibrant and carefree song to play with your friends in the car. Imagine singing along to the song like you are the only people in the world. How cool is that?

2.) Anywhere-Dillon Francis

‘Anywhere’ is the ultimate road trip song! Even from the title itself, of course who wouldn’t want to go anywhere right? With the indie-pop production, this hot single would be an exciting addition to your playlist.

3.) Let your hair down-MAGIC!

‘Let your hair down’ is mostly addictive because of its message on appreciating women. At the same time, its relaxed reggae beat would be a new addiction to your road trip playlist, too. You can jam into it with friends, of course with your hair down!

4.) Drive-Oh Wonder

Despite being a sad break-up song, ‘Drive’ with its pop production balances the sorrow that makes it perfect for a drive, literally. Just sitting in the backseat, singing along (or even cry) to the song is absolutely not one to miss.

5.) Ignition-R.Kelly

This song never gets old! I bet this is already in your road trip playlist, but this is a reminder to never remove it, unless the audio file disrupted because of continuous replay. ‘Ignition’ is everybody’s song, with its casual beat and dancing vibes, it would surely rock your world—I mean, car.

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