Offbeat Holidays in August You Shouldn’t Miss

Aside from spending a normal day, check out and celebrate these offbeat holidays for the month of August!

Most of us spend our days with our daily routine. Wake up, brush your teeth, take a shower, choose an outfit, eat breakfast then work for the rest of the day. It’s a pattern you deal with every day life. Everyday is a day worth celebrating. You celebrate because it’s your first pay check, you celebrate because you get to see your high school friends or you celebrate simply because you woke up today.

Let us spice your calendars with offbeat holidays and get ready to celebrate this August. Here are 5 off beat holidays you shouldn’t miss:

1.) August 5: International Beer Day

Cheers to you amigos! There is nothing more exciting than celebrating a beer day. Beer is always good with friends and laughter. After gathering for a dinner, don’t forget to reward yourself a cold beer. Call your family and friends to celebrate the existence of ‘BEER’ in our family gatherings. You can also throw a party and establish a free beer station.

2.) August 5: International Forgiveness Day

This is the day to forgive and to be forgiven. We don’t build a perfect relationship. There’s always faults and downsides however, we are given a chance to forgive and forget. Spread the love and celebrate forgiveness day by sincerely apologizing and forgiving someone.

3.) August 9: Book Lover’s Day

For all book lover’s out there, get ready to celebrate a day full of precious words and unforgettable stories. This day is about honoring thousand of minds expressed in words. It is about appreciating the different context, stories and meaning of every book you can see. It is a special day indeed for our dear authors and loyal readers.

4.) August 10: Lazy Day

How about celebrating doing nothing? Why don’t we not do our routine for a day? It’s a day for us to celebrate by spending our day positively doing nothing. Celebrate it by simply eating and sleeping. Don’t worry, you’ll get to work your dishes tomorrow morning.

5.) August 26: National Dog Day

Throw your little pug a party to celebrate its day! It is a day to honor our beloved best friends and it is a opportunity to for everyone to recognize the value and importance of dogs in our homes. They deserve to a cake for this day! With their love and loyalty, we get to recognize the beauty of companionship.

So go and mark your calendars!

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