Miss Universe 2017 Top 10 Revealed

Miss Universe 2018 Update

Miss Universe 2017 Top 10

It’s the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant and 92 contestants are hoping to win the crown. With the new format, Miss Universe 2017 has announced the top 16. From the top 16, top 10 were chosen.

Check out the top 10 who still made it to the competition.


Keysi Sayago comes from a humble family and grew up surrounded with love, especially from her grandparents that took care of her. Her family gave her the strength and compassion to help others with love and commitment. Keysi has always had an interest in mechanical equipment and how things work, which has led her to earn a degree in mechanical engineering.

2. USA

Kára McCullough was born in Naples, Italy, but raised in Virginia Beach for the majority of her childhood. Her mother’s position as Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy exposed Kára to many different cultures and places at a young age, including Sicily, Japan, South Korea and Hawaii.


Rachel Peters graduated with a degree in business and has since been working in the events industry. She is always up for a new challenge and loves coffee, the beach, surfing and interior design. Rachel found a way to combine all the things she loves by opening a small cafe on the small island of Siargao.


Lauren Howe has always been driven by accepting new challenges. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering and working as a sports broadcaster with the Toronto Maple Leafs, she started her career as a technology consultant, leading to the pursuit of her own entrepreneurial endeavors in technology.


Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters recently earned her degree in Business Management at North West University after making history at her high school for holding two leadership positions. Demi-Leigh’s biggest motivation comes from her half-sister who has a disability, that lives in Potchefstroom with her stepmother and father.


22-year-old Sofía del Prado grew up in Villarrobledo, Albacete, but has been living in Madrid for four years. When she graduated high school, she moved to Madrid to go to college to pursue a degree in International Relations. After graduation, she carried out her internship at an international winery in the Department of International Commerce.

       7. BRAZIL

Monalysa Alcântara has made a name for herself in Brazil for pioneering a beauty self-awareness organization. Monalysa dreams of being a world-known influencer for women rights, race and gender equality. If she takes home the crown, Monalysa hopes to advocate for beauty self-awareness throughout the world.

        8. COLOMBIA

Laura González from Cartagena de Indias has been preparing herself to be an actress since the age of 16. After she graduated from a performing arts school where she studied acting, she moved to Bogotá to kick start her career. Since taking the risk to pursue acting, Laura has worked to develop herself in theater, short films and TV.


Maria Poonlertlarp currently lives in her hometown Bangkok. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Marketing. Maria enjoys trying new things, especially foods from different cultures. With Thailand having the second highest rate of teenage pregnancies in SEA, Maria is passionate about sharing the importance of sex education for the safety and health of teens.

      10. JAMAICA
21-year-old Davina Bennett is pursuing a degree in marketing at the University of the West Indies. Upon acquiring her Bachelor’s Degree, she would like to utilize her degree to leverage her marketing business as well as successfully brand herself as an entrepreneur.

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