This Model is the First Filipina to Finish The Antarctic Ice Marathon


Talk about Pinay power!

The 28-year old former British-Filipina beauty queen, Maggie Wilson, has represented the Philippines once again as she is now hailed as the first Filipina to complete the “World’s Southernmost Marathon” or the Antarctic Ice Marathon late in November.

My dad always said I had a “ski slope” for a nose! 😑😂🙈

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Maggie was able to complete a 42-kilometer marathon course with her husband, the real estate mogul Victor Consunji. who was also hailed as the first Filipino North Pole Finisher early last year. This year, they were both able to finish with the time of 08:56:53.

The marathon was spearheaded by Global Running Adventures, Inc. who organizes the North Pole Marathon (world’s most northerly marathon), Volcano Marathon (world’s highest desert marathon ), and the World’s Marathon Challenge (seven marathons, seven continents, in just seven days).

This year, the marathon took place in a moving glacier called Union Glacier. She braved the freezing sub-zero temperature and the strenuous conditions of the marathon along with 55 runners from six other continents.

In her Instagram post she proudly states,

“It was a constant battle with my mind and body. I survived without getting frostbite and hypothermia in one of the most remote locations in the world. I may not be considered a “full” Filipino at times but I stand at the finish holding the Philippine flag as the first Filipina woman to complete a full marathon on Antartica.“

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