LANY Is Coming Back,Thrilled Pinoy Fans

Yes you’ve heard it right, LANY is coming for their 2018 Manila Concert!

Have you saved some of your Christmas bonus? Well, you have to, because Lany is set to have their biggest concert here in manila on April 2018. Fans no need to get panic as the ticket prices will actually not hurt our wallets a lot. Check on TicketNet Online for more details.

The announcement of their comeback has thrilled their fans here in the Philippines.

LANY is an American three-piece alternative band from Los Angeles, California, United States. LANY was formed in March 2014 when Paul Klein, who had a small solo career, flew to Nashville to meet up with friends Jake Goss and Les Priest. Previously, Goss and Priest had a separate project by the name of WRLDS, but this was discontinued after the formation of LANY.The following month they uploaded two songs, “Hot Lights” and “Walk Away”, to SoundCloud incognito in order to differentiate between their old and new projects. Their debut EP, Acronymns, followed later that year, with the song “ILYSB” generating significant interest online. Singles “Made in Hollywood” and “Bad, Bad, Bad” soon followed, along with the reveal of their identities.

LANY is one of the sought after bands nowadays. From being anonymous, they became everyone’s favorite band.

Buy your tickets as early as now. An exciting concert to look forward this new year!

source: Wikipedia

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