Indoor Fun for the Moody Weather

Moody Weather, Don’t Care!

Until now, we are still excepting the moody weather to embrace our skins. Brace yourselves for the sky will be overcast with thick clouds. When you go to work or school, always prepare your rain gear; umbrella, extra clothing, etc. Always prepare for any potential disaster that the rainy day might bring. Most of the times we are not required to go to work most especially when it’s dangerous to do so.

Good thing for the staying indoors, all they need is a thick blanket and a good music. A rainy day is the favorite day for the people indoors especially when all they do is lie down or watch their favorite Nicholas Spark movie. Thank the rain gods that you’ll be staying for the day without worrying about your work deadlines in the office or passing your incomplete home works in the school. Despite staying in for the weather, who says it’s not fun indoors?

Here are some indoor activities to enjoy during the rainy day:

Disney Movie Marathon

Who wouldn’t want to watch Disney movies? Kids, teenagers and adults enjoy Disney films. Whether sunny or rainy, when you put on a Disney film, everyone in the house would calm down and watch. It’s much more engaging when you watch a Disney film during a rainy day. There’s that comfort feeling when you’re with your loved ones watching your favorite Disney films from Hercules to Tangled or even Pirates of the Caribbean! It’s always satisfying to watch with everyone gathered in their jackets, cuddling their pillows and squealing to Flynn Ryder’s smolder.

Chocolate Drink

Don’t forget to prepare your oh-so perfect chocolate drinks. It’s always our pressure to snuggle up on a rainy day with our warm cup of chocolate drink. Served it with marshmallows and with matching sandwich. You can always serve it as many as you want for everyone to indulge a warm chocolate drink for the moody weather.

Board Games

We never get bored of board games—whether scrabble, chess, monopoly and etc. Board games are not just fun during rainy days, it is beyond the joy of spending time with your loved ones. It is also rich in learning opportunities and social and communication skills. It also enhances our urge to be competitive and practice team work and sportsmanship. With everything mentioned, playing boards games is one of the excellent way to spend your unhurried and fun time together with your loved ones.

Read a book

Sometimes we want to focus on entertaining ourselves. Well, get yourself a book and start travelling off to a different dimension. Open that book and spend your time in a couch with your chocolate drink. It’s not so bad to read during rainy days. It doesn’t just suit the mood, it’s a perfect time for your mind to concentrate and achieve that tranquility.

When there’s a will, there’s always a way. Curl up with your favorite book or binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows. Entertain yourselves with the cozies pajamas you can wear and enjoy the rainy day even when indoors.

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