How To Spend Your Christmas Bonus Wisely

Christmas is coming and so with the Christmas Bonus!

We cannot deny the fact that December is the busiest and happiest time of the year for Filipinos around the world. With all the excitements and gatherings here and there, our spending seems to never end too.

Christmas bonus is just around the corner and for sure you are done in making list on where to spend it. But have we even thought of making it last and save a little out of it? At this time everyone is rushing to buy Christmas presents, Decors and planning out parties. Sometimes we get overly excited in spending the bonus when in fact it haven’t arrived yet. That’s how excited we are, right?

Your decision on how you gonna spend your Christmas bonus depends on what kind of person you are and your priorities. Here’s a tip on spending your Christmas bonus wisely and make that every peso count!

How To Spend Your Christmas Bonus Wisely

      1. Knock out your debts

Your extra holiday income is the best way to pay off debts and get rid of it at no time.

“If you owe someone money, get on a plan and pay them”

      2. Jump start your savings

Arrange a portion of your bonus that you can save to set and arrange your saving goals. Start a little, a 5, 10, 50 pesos bill challenge can go a long way!

Check and try this challenge: 52 Week Money Challenge; The Kuripot Pinay Version

      3. Be insured

There is so many perks of being insured and a lot of people is not aware about it. Talk to an insurance agent to know the best insurance product that best suits you.

Click on these insurance companies and see what they offer:


      4. Share it away

Okay, it doesn’t mean you need to share it all and  to everyone, but treating your family and friends with a good meal at their favorite restaurant is a wonderful way to spend a part of your bonus.

“Nothing beats good food shared with your family and friends”

       5. Reward yourself

It could be an item you’ve been eyeing for the longest time or the perfect getaway you’ve been dreaming of! Having that Christmas bonus is the best time to also update your wardrobe. Spend some and go shopping! Nothing wrong in rewarding yourself as long as you know your limits.

Year End sales are everywhere as early as now. Make sure to grab it!


        A Christmas bonus can bring a lot of excitement and fun! Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with a healthy pockets at your side! Spend wisely and be merry!






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