Christmas Party Themes

Here’s A Fun Twist To Common Christmas Party Themes

Want to have a unique, rocking Christmas?

Parties are always about fun and what more if it’s in the Christmas season! Holiday parties are the perfect way to get everyone together for some fun festivities. To think about it, a Christmas party theme is easy. You get on your best red/green/white outfits and voila! Or is it?

This year, make an event that is quite unique yet something that will be remembered by your friends or family. Bonus points if it’s Instagram-worthy! If you’re looking for something like that, here are some ideas for that rocking Christmas party your friends and family will surely have fun!

  1. Mocking a Formal Christmas Party at your Home


Let your friends and family wear something fancier than fancy! Let them wear their best red-carpet worthy outfits to the party. Fun part of it is it’s in the comforts of your home! Pull-off a red carpet themed design to your home, as if it’s the Awards Night of the Stars. Remember, making alternatives is key!

  1. A Pet Holiday Party


Why not throw a party for your furry friends with their adorable outfits? Imagine: a pool of puppies dressed in Santa hats. So gather your pet-lover friends and let them bring their pets for the holidays! Capture the moment by making a photobooth area complete with an instant camera so that you and your friends can take adorable, holiday-themed photos with your fluffy pals.

  1. A Holiday Movie Marathon


There are so many holiday movies that are heartwarming and hilarious to see! Rent a projector, spread beanbags and comfy chairs around, and supply traditional movie snacks like popcorn, pizza and candy bars. For an interesting twist, do the movie marathon outdoors! Set up a movie theatre and spread picnic baskets and enjoy the movies under the stars.

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas Party



Give your Christmas party a Tim Burton flair and make use of all those leftover decorations from Halloween! Dress up the room with black and white skulls and skeletons in santa hats. Decorate balloons to look like the iconic Jack Skellington. Fill the playlist with songs from Tim Burton’s films, along with Halloween classics like ‘The Monster Mash’ and ‘Superstitious. Best for that gothic Christmas you knew you’ve always dreamed of!

  1. A Christmas Pajama Party


A Christmas party on you pajamas can be a lot of fun! Let your friends and family wear their best pajama outfit! Make the room look as cozy as possible by placing comfy pillows, blankets, stuff toys, and more! Fill in your playlist with soft and easy Christmas music. You can also make it a slumber party if you’d like. It’ll be a warm, cozy Christmas for you guys!

  1. A Disney-themed Christmas


Wear your favorite Disney character on a Disney-themed Christmas party! It’ll be so nostalgic to your childhood days. Gather you friends and family and let them wear their favorite Disney character’s costume! You can also play Disney movies or have a karaoke singing out your favorite Disney tunes!


Have a wonderful rocking Christmas everyone!

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Here’s A Fun Twist To Common Christmas Party Themes

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