We Found This Guy On Instagram And We Fell In Love

Yes! We fell in love with his photos.

We found this 31-year old Filipino travel enthusiast making breath-taking photos of the London Scenery. A nurse by profession, working in London has given him a chance to capture its picturesque places through his art in photography. What makes it interesting is how often he does not show his face, making it seem as if he is both the subject and an element of the place being taken a shot. Added to that, his feel-good captions also completes the beauty of the picture he takes.

Merely using a camera phone, tripod, and harness for his camera, he takes you in to feel London’s beauty with his pictures.

Take a look at some of his pictures on Instagram. Cue that sweet Ed Sheeran music!

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for” 👋🏾

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Hello Ben, I’m back! 🇬🇧👋🏾🤘🏽✌🏽

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If your dream is not worth the risk then what is?

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Calijam’s Instagram is giving us chills. His Instagram account caught the interest of a thousand followers that even us can’t stop scrolling on. We will feature more of his travel photos soon. But for now, here’s a gallery of some of the swoon-worthy photos he took.

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