Ed Sheeran Perfect Symphony featuring Andrea Bocelli

Ed Sheeran has once again melt our hearts and this time with a heart warming collaboration with Andrea Bocelli

This video is trending worldwide with current views of 20,052,738. Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is on course to become the UK’s Christmas No. 1 following its domination at the top of the charts. 

The singer released “Perfect Symphony” on Friday with the help of iconic Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Like “Perfect Duet” with Beyoncé, “Perfect Symphony” is essentially a duet as well. But the track is given new life with classical instrumentation, as well as Bocelli’s verse, which is delivered entirely in his native tongue.

Bocelli’s words are roughly a direct translation of what Beyoncé sings in her version, as well as what Sheeran croons in the original, and like with Beyoncé, the song culminates in the two singers harmonizing a final chorus.

Another hit from our favorite, Ed Sheeran.


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