Books and Brews Cafe Is Your Next Favorite Café

What’s more interesting than smelling book pages and your favorite coffee aroma? Books and Brews Café is your next favorite café!

After a busy schedule, you’re going to need a break. Despite the busy streets of Mango Square, Cebu City, Books and Brews Café is your escapade. Your favorite combination-books and coffee in one relaxing cafe is about a year in the business industry already.

Eric Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Books and Brews Café, started the business May of last year. Passionate on training and education, his sister, Liana Smith-Bautista loves to bake with her original recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Both are book lovers, by the way!

With the same passion and interest, they saw this as an opportunity to start a new brand and embark on a concept building a coffee and book lovers safe haven—library café. Over 1, 500 collection of books are in the café, free for everyone to read. The interior of the café is not hard to miss. With its welcoming and relaxing ambiance, trust me you’re not far from home. You are not just welcomed by friendly crew but you get to enjoy variety of their best sellers.

Books and Brews Café is famous not only for its coffee and books but also everyone’s favorite sandwich:

Italian Grand Slam Sandwich.

It is a meaty sandwich, stuffed with mozzarella, salami, and pepperoni, topped with mozzarella cheese on a mini baguette and served homemade salsa and chips.

“It is our collection of books, minimalist interiors, and affordable goods keep our patrons coming back. -Eric Smith”

Just like their sister brand, Handuraw Pizza, Books and Brews Café supports literary groups. These events come in the form of hosting poetry nights, music appreciation and book launches. You can enjoy your evening nights with the most relaxing company you can ever have.

From sipping your cup of coffee to running through the pages of your favorite book, Books and Brews Cafe will keep you coming back for more.

Books and Brews Cafe is open Mondays to Sundays at 10 am to 10 pm. Don’t forget to check and give their Facebook page a thumbs up: Books and Brews Cafe Facebook Page.

Photos from: Books and Brews Cafe Facebook

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