Why You Always Have Random Bruises On Your Legs

To worry or not to worry?

I don’t know about you, but at least once a week, someone points to my leg and asks about a bruise (or three): “Anong nangyari diyan?” And more often than not, and I just dismiss it because I honestly have no explanation; I have no clue where most of my bruises come from.

It turns out that there’s an actual scientific reason why I have so many bruises; women are more prone to them, especially on our arms and legs.

We get bruises when the superficial blood vessels under our skin break. And because, apparently, most men don’t already have too many good things in life, their blood vessels are more protected than ours. Yup, they have a thicker layer of collagen.

Furthermore, they don’t get bruises on their arms and legs because their fats are distributed differently. We tend to have more fat in these areas, while men carry their excess fat in their stomach area.

According to dermatologist Dr. Dawn Davis, another reason why we could be bruising more is because we produce more estrogen, which supposedly weakens our blood vessel walls: “It’s why women get varicose veins, and why women’s blood vessels change after menopause.”

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