A Checklist For The Rainy Season

After the heat of the sun, it brings rain.

With much excitement from the summer experience, this rainy season gives a relaxing vibe. We welcome this pleasant season with warm coffee and thick blankets. Despite the slippery roads and soaked clothes, our duties will not adjust to the season. We still have to go to work or go to school for others. It’s better to be prepared especially when it’s the rainy season can be hassle for some.

For that, we’re going to prepare for our five check list for the rainy season:

1.) Umbrella

Say hi to the rainy day! 

Never leave the house without your umbrella. We don’t want to get soaked when we reach our office or school, right? This is going to be your best friend during a rainy season. Aside from helping you remain dry for the day, you have to own an efficient and strong umbrella because we cannot assure how strong the wind can be during a rainy day. You might find yourself in a store buying another umbrella. So keep your umbrellas in good condition and ensure that you have your umbrella everywhere with you this rainy season.

2.) Jacket

Warm yourselves with a jacket

Always keep yourself warm during the rainy season. It’s easy to catch a cold when we are exposed to cold weather without proper protection. Jackets are also extremely comfortable clothing. Avoid cotton material jacket since it easily absorbs water. Go for synthetic materials since they maintain the warm feeling despite getting wet.

3.) Powerbank

Bring your powerbanks.

Don’t let your phone die. Always have your battery high because we might not now what happens during our daily commute. A power bank will be helpful in keeping your phone alive. It’s going to be pretty crowded during rainy season and you’ll have to suffer a heavy traffic. You have to stay updated with the weather forecast. Also, inform someone at home that you’ll be running a little late because of the rain and traffic. While commuting you can always play your rainy season playlist and enjoy the ride home or play mobile games in your phone.

4.) Extra Clothing

Even with your OOTD, prepare an extra clothing.

You might need to bring an extra clothing in case you’ll get soaked in a heavy rain. It would be a bother commuting, running or waiting with wet clothes. To avoid getting fever and common cold, change your shirt when it’s soaked. Prevent this kind of sickness by bringing an extra clothing during a rainy season.

5.) Biscuits and Water

Stay hydrated!

Nobody likes to get stranded in the rain and nobody likes to get hungry either. During rainy season, flooding can be unpredictable so it can make commuting or walking difficult. When you get stranded, be sure to eat something and stay hydrated.

Honorable mentions

  • Extra cash for emergency purposes
  • Small plastic bags for your belongings

And that’s your checklist for this rainy season. Always stay safe and warm!

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