5 Essentials Tips to Survive Sinulog!


Sinulog will be coming up in a few days, Cebu!

Cebuanos and Cebuanos-at-heart alike are surely pumped for the Sinulog celebration this coming January 21, Sunday. Yellow and red streamers fill the streets and Cebu seems to become brighter as Sinulog nears its date. Question is, are you surely ready for Sinulog?

Sinulog is one of the biggest events in the Philippines; it can be very hard to navigate yourself through the whole event. It’s the time when the streets of Cebu become a challenge for the festival’s enthusiasts. It can also be really hard to get in with the big crowds. Pushing and shoving your way in can be your only solution to get a better view of the dancers. Added to that, it becomes difficult to get rides to different areas in the city.

For the first-timers of the festival, I tell you, Sinulog could be the biggest fun you could ever have which you can enjoy with your friends and family. Although, joining the Sinulog festivities need preparation.

To fully enjoy the festival, here are some essential tips that will surely come in handy as you take part in the biggest festivity in the country:


1. Bring water

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated in a very physical activity like Sinulog. Usually roads are closed at that time and people have to walk for miles under the heat or rain in heavily crowded streets. It won’t be fun to faint out of exhaustion and dehydration in the middle of the street. In this kind of event, always keep in mind the cliché but very essential quote: “Water is life in Sinulog.”

 2. Wear your worst clothes

Well not necessarily your worst clothes in your closet, but wear clothes that you’d be okay to get dirty. This can be odd for people who could have this as their first experience of Sinulog. Of course, you would want to post your OOTD on that day, but trust me, you’d like to keep your expensive Coachella-like clothes for another festival. Sinulog is one of the messiest events in the country. The festival can get wet and dirty on the festivities, especially at night. Although it has already been lessened by the Cebuano government to promote street parties, it’s better to keep in mind that some might be too naughty to put paint all over you.

3. Be sure to protect yourself from the Cebuano bipolar weather

Since Cebu is as tropical as any other place in the Philippines, it’s best to prepare yourself for it as well. To protect yourself, bring hats or caps that is perfect for rain or shine since umbrellas can be very bulky in big, tough crowds. Opt for material that is [or kind of] waterproof like leather caps. Native straw hats are very convenient for the bipolar weather of Cebu and are usually on sale on the streets during Sinulog. Also, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

4. Bring someone with you

Sinulog can be one of the most fun you’ve had your entire life, but it’s not going to be much fun unless you’ve got your family or friends with you. It’s one of those festivals that is best if you’ve got to share the exciting experience with the people you care about. Sure locals will be warmly greeting you as you walk on the streets, but that could not be enough to enjoy the festival if you’re not with your squad. Plus points: you’d get to have someone you can blame to the morning after! (Just kidding).

5. Take many pictures as possible!

As festive as it also is, Sinulog is a festival where you can take amazing colorful pictures in every corner! Of course, you’d also want to remember your Sinulog experience and place it in one of your books (or Instagram feed). It’ll be the best souvenir you’ll ever have in the festival. Who knows? Maybe you can persuade your friends to come along next time, too!

Have the best time of your life at Sinulog! Pit Señor everyone!

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